T e s t i m o n i e s

over 40 years of pain gone

In the presence of God, Noreen's ongoing pain from an accident at 20 years old completely disappeared. God also removed 7-8 level pain from a bad knee replacement. Her mobility is now restored.

A testimony that gave faith to others

Gwendoline shared her testimony to encourage others, then as she was speaking, a lump the size of a Toonie completely disappears and her hearing is healed. Then Denis, her husband gets miraculously healed as well. At the end of the service everyone came up for healing because of what happened to Gwendoline and her husband.

51 years of a pain level of 10 disappears

This First Nations woman suffered unbearable pain that you cannot begin to understand. It was so bad that she had to quit her job. The pain manifested itself in every part of her for most of her life. But God released his love into her and set her

completely FREE!

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